Stay on Target

Oct 6, 2019

What do darts, guided missiles and your health all have in common?  They eventually hit what they're pointed at.

Throwing darts, firing rockets and goal setting all exhibit 'cybernetic' activity - once a final destination is determined, an internal, intelligent system takes over behind the scenes to guide you to the target. And as long as the target remains clear, that internal system will calculate the best way to get you there without conscious micro-management. Changing your health course works the same way.

When starting any health endeavor, whether it’s a new diet plan or a corrective Chiropractic program, set your goal and keep it pinned to the forefront of your mind to improve your odds of success. At times when it seems you're off course (a plateau in your progress or a minor setback), remember the end result you ‘programmed in’ and trust that your innate guidance system is working diligently to reach it. You get what you stay focused on.

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