More Than a Knot

Are those knots in your muscles back again? You just had a good massage, and you REALLY felt great after. But you wish that feeling would last for more than just a day or two.  Maybe there's something you can do to make your sessions have a longer, lasting effect.

Muscles that support your back and neck all day long, contract in unison with spinal joints to create stability and normal motion. But if those joints are Subluxated (stuck and mis-aligned) your muscles end up pulling against unexpected forces... like trying to pull open a door you didn’t know was locked. Muscles experience the same jolt when trying to move a joint that won’t budge - creating recurring trigger points, tightness and the need for frequent massages.

To fix the problem, you must unlock the joints. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion and alignment to spinal segments so when freshly massaged muscles contract, they won't re-knot themselves. That's in addition to the resurgence of energy you get when your spine is well adjusted. Massage and Chiropractic certainly go hand in hand.

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