March Promo

Download Your File:  Zipped file contains flyers and gift certificates in editable word formats as well as jpeg images.

Create an Offer:  Decide on what to offer your existing or new clientele.

Pick a Cutoff Date:  Set a cut-off date.  You can use the promo text written below or change it to suit your office needs.  It’s OK to be CREATIVE! When you’re done, print a bunch of copies of page two of this document.

Promote Your Event:  Hang your wall flyers everywhere in your office and continue to distribute your weekly Gift Certificates.  Keep extra flyers at your front desk and adjusting rooms for patients to grab.  It’s a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's day and generate some buzz and excitement for Chiropractic!

Go the Extra Mile: Offer complimentary Chiropractic evaluations to the family and friends of your existing clientele.  Email or snail mail your flyers to all your inactive patients.  Welcome them back into your office.  Your patients are lucky to have Chiropractic in their lives.[

NEW Scan + Watch Stickies

Video QR-Code Displays for your front desk and adjustment areas. Share fresh, principled videos with your patients every week.