What the heck is a Sticky?

Keep Your Patients Coming Back for More.

Weekly Sticky Pro is a one stop, patient education subscription service that keeps them engaged in your care, especially after the pain goes away.

Based on the best selling book  Made to Stick, Stickies convey the value of Principled, Lifetime Chiropractic in a way your patients can easily visualize, understand and share.

Why the Need for Stickies?

There are far and few consistent and pure Chiropractic education tools in the market. Stickies were created to put the Principle directly into the hands of your patients.

What Makes Them Different?

Unlike other patient education tools, Stickies reach patients consistently EVERY WEEK - keeping their care and your practice fresh on their minds.

Handing out the Weekly Sticky is like sending patients home with your best CA to educate their family and friends on ChiropracTIC.

Robert Garfinkel, DC - Bellmore, NY

I've enjoyed MANY compliments on these Stickies. Just last week I had a patient who works in marketing share how much she enjoys them.

Jeff Leach, DC - Plymouth, MN

Hey Docs, are you sharing these with your patients? I put them in each adjustment room door so my patients will get a new message every week.

Rick Franks, DC - Greenboro, GA

Man-o-manishevitz your Stickies are the greatest patient education tool I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!

Elliot Segal, DC - Fayetteville, GA

We print out three, put them in a plastic covers and give them to patients to read as soon as they enter the office.

Dale Forsythe, DC - British Columbia

Thank you for perpetuating the principle and straight chiropractic. It's short and straight to the point.

Jonathan Verderame, DC - Phoenix, AZ

How Do they Work?

A New teaching point every week

You'll receive email notification that a new Sticky is available. Simply go to the link, download your printable issue, put your name on it, print and distribute it to your patients.

If you're subscribed to our email service, Stickies will be sent to your patient list automatically with your branding - guaranteeing your patients never miss an issue.

Include our New Drip Campaign and you can target new patients with Stickies tailor made to guide them through the first few weeks of care.

1. Print Them

Download, customize and print Word document for patients in your office.

2. Share Them

Automatically push digital Stickies to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. Email Them

Email branded Stickies to existing clients. Drip orientation Stickies to New Patients.

Print. Inspire.

Scribbling patient instructions and office
announcements on scrap paper? Put them on
a Sticky and teach something at the same time.

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Chiropractic Lights Up Your

Light Up Your Life image

Ever have one of those days where you just don't feel as bright as you should? Your diet's good, you're getting enough exercise but for some reason you still feel drained and unproductive. Maybe it's time for a trip to the Chiropractor…

Think of your Nerve System as electrical wires and your body a 100 watt light bulb connected to it. When the wires are clear and electricity flows freely, your bulb glows to 100 watts. But if power is restricted in the wires, your bulb dims. Chiropractors call it being Subluxated or in a 'state of less light/less energy.' And the only thing that can 'light you up' again is a specific, loving Chiropractic Adjustment.

Eating properly and getting enough exercise is important, but you'll never shine to your full potential if you're Subluxated… and you can't afford that. The world needs you beaming at 100 watts. So don't wait until your light's completely out… get adjusted and shine bright with regular Chiropractic care!

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Hope you enjoyed this week's message. Drop in for an adjusmtent! - Dr. Your Name

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Reduce Missed Visits

Email stickies direct to patients

Stickies by Email are branded with your office logo, contact information and hours - just like they came from you.

Quick connect links make it easy for patients to Schedule a Visit, Email a Question, Refer a Friend and Share to Social Media. Consistent reminder for on the go patients not to miss care.

Tackle the Tough Questions

When a patient has an issue, you'll have
the right answer. Stickies for the most common
questions available for instant download and printing.

Drip Orientate Your New Patients
Email a series of beginner Stickies to New Patients to reduce early drop out. A great supplement if you're doing orientations - a must if you're not.
where else will they get the big idea?

Grow Your Practice with Better Patient Education

Nutrition and exercise are nice, but philosophy builds big practices. The challenge... how do you consistently and effectively teach patients the Principle in ways they will understand and use in their Lives?

Big ideas 'Stick' when they are simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and wrapped in story. Weekly Stickies incorporate these 6 elements to give you greater influence with your patients.

The best part - you don't have to re-invent the wheel. All the creative work is done for you. No writing, no photoshopping, no formatting. Just plug in your office contact info and start connecting.

With Weekly Stickies, you'll feed your patients and your practice the Principle they both need to grow. Add significance and certainty to your patient education process - Scroll this page to learn more.



Short, sweet and to the point language


The right image and copy to bridge ideas


Leads patients to think, internalize and resolve.


Teaches a unique perspective every week


Based on logic, facts and common sense


Wrapped in engaging, easy to follow narrative

One Stop Solution for Principled Patient Education

Download & Print • Weekly Emails • Social Share • Specialty Stickies • New Patient Drip
Pick the plan that serves your patients and your practice the best.